About Dr. Mariam

Once I began to bridge the gap between health and fitness I began to see real, lasting results.

Changing diets isn’t enough, you need lasting emotions and mental changes while being kept accountable. This is how I have achieved real results for my clients.

I focus on body composition change using state-of-the-art modalities to help you lose fat and gain muscle while keeping your performance level optimized. I offer lifestyle modification & nutrition strategies to help with emotional eating, overeating & improving food relationship. Mindset work is essential in my practice, using Subconscious Imprinting Techniques (SIT) to help you regulate your nervous system leaving triggered trauma and reaching a healing state to aid within your journey of self-ceare, self-love and growth.”

Offering Body Composition Analysis, Metabolic Analysis, Nutrition coaching, Mindset coaching & Subconscious imprinting techniques

Areas of Expertise

Sports and Exercise Medical Doctor and Health Coach

      -Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, KSU.
      -Masters of Medical Science (Neuroscience), UofT.
      -Post Graduate Diploma in Sports and Exercise Medicine, USW.
      -Chef Level 1, Culinary Arts, LC.
      -CrossFit Level -1

Subconscious Imprinting Technique Practitioner

Body composition and metabolic analysis

Using the Inbody270 and PNOE machines