I joined the Dr. Mariam program in June 2020. I was 38 years old and looking to improve my fitness and health. I also suffered from an abdominal defect along with low back pain, recurrent lower neck pain and stiffness, central obesity, anxiety, poor eating habits and an irregular sleeping pattern. 

My primary goal was to lose my central fat when I joined the program. I started with a 4-month plan. I found it very easy to follow and convenient to my lifestyle. I loved that I didn’t need a special grocery list, I barely felt I was on a diet most of the time! My kids didn’t believe I was on a diet cause I was eating more than I used to! Soon after 2 months, I started to notice the change in my body in addition to the slow steady decline in my scale measurements. After the third month, I started to experience a lot of other benefits, such as an increase in my energy level and performance in my workouts. I started to lift heavier weights and score more reps and rounds every time. My abdominal defect was almost completely closed and since I started I didn’t binge on food even for one single day. Eventually, I reached my weight goal before the end of 4th month and lost most of my central fat. I could pull off old jeans and felt great about my body! 

Dr. Mariam continuously educated me throughout the process and taught me how to reach my goals rather than simply telling me what to eat, and this is what I like most about the program.

Dr. Mariam’s program changed my life and I modified my goals soon after I achieved my primary one cause this program made me believe that with the right plan I can be what I want to be. So far, joining this program was one of the top 5 decisions in my life and I wish for everyone to have a similar experience!