It’s been a beautiful journey working with Dr. Mariam, as it’s an eye opener on a lot of things. I’ve been learning about my body’s needs and nutrition. What’s important is finding the right mix that fits your lifestyle; one size doesn’t fit all! Ever since I started following a program designed especially for me and my training magic happened. First off,  I got rid of constant blood sugar fluctuation and dropping to dangerous levels. I’ve been suffering from it ever since I had my gastric bypass surgery.  Not to mention, my performance in Crossfit, weightlifting and endurance is outstanding. I’m now always fueled right and hitting new PRs. My abs are feeling strong vs before when I was always fatigued. It’s the best decision ever: looking forward to more gains and feeling strong. 

I was able to gain Muscle mass and drop fat, breaking the plateau I was in for a long time!