I was out of ideas. That’s how I came to find Dr. M. I had been training for a specific event and had been plateaued at best, and losing gains at worst. I was exhausted and losing hope, believing that maybe I was just getting too old to be doing what I was doing. Turns out, listening to the advice of well meaning friends, internet articles and uninformed coaches was part of the problem.
Dr.M spent the time listening and understanding what my goals were and my historical nutritional and physiological challenges. She took my difficult schedule in stride and gave me very achievable solutions to circumvent the obstacles I was facing.

She was extremely accessible and could answer questions in real time as I was experiencing them throughout my training. Always gentle and reassuring, she reminded me regularly that my goals were achievable and that I was making progress, even when I was in the midst of mild self-inflicted meltdowns.
Measurable and marked improvement in my stamina, flexibility, and speed were the immediate effects I was looking for improvement in, but the side effects of better sleep, faster recovery, and reduced anxiety were entirely unexpected and remarkable results.

Dr. M sees the person as a whole, not just a physical body. Guiding towards a balance between the physical, emotional and mental is above and beyond what I ever expected from a nutrition coach. Before throwing in the towel or wasting money on yet another app, make an appointment with Dr. M. She is well worth the investment.. of your money, your time and yourself.