I am a fitness trainer specializing in Zumba and Boxing. 

At first, I thought that I would never ever lose fat, my weight hasn’t changed for a very long time. I always get asked why I’m not losing weight since I do a lot of cardio exercises and I was on a very strict diet (1200cal per day!) But nothing was changing. 

And when I met Dr. Mariam, she said I can help you in losing weight and gain muscles by eating more calories. I was terrified at first cuz the food was a lot to me but surprisingly it worked exactly like she said losing fat and gaining muscles at the same time!

I can say it helped me with almost EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE! I was physically and mentally upset about food and body, I wasn’t kind to myself, I used to not eat chocolate or any sugar for a very long period of time just to lose weight. I can say I’ve changed 100% into a better person that loves her body, food, and eats chocolate.