I first was introduced to Dr Mariam in mid 2019 when she was back in KSA. Her dedication and knowledge as a coach and nutritionist warmed her to our growing triathlon community. 

Fast forward to COVID times with her in Canada, we continued to stay in touch and as I was training for upcoming endurance events, I decided to work closely under Dr Mariam’s mentorship and guidance on a consistent nutrition program to fuel my body through the grueling regimen of training. I was training for an Everesting Challenge (cycling the equivalent height of Mt Everest – on an indoor trainer) and also planning on a 10K open water swim. All to keep me in focused shape as I will be attempting another full Ironman once races resume. 

Her advice, and follow up along with the spot on comments about my calorie needs, fueling/meal times and percentage macros to consume were absolutely spot on. My training load was more consistent during the week with heavier training on weekends leading up to the event. Hence my nutrition needed to match that to give me the necessary fuel at the right time for more effective training. I started “knowing” my body more and more and ultimately knew how it would behave with increased training load and nutrition needs. 

My Everesting event was spectacular. Endurance events are physically and mentally taxing…however not having the consistent fuel via a properly planned nutrition plan is planning for failure. Dr Mariam on her mentorship explained and detailed all this with clear and efficient delivery. It is a pleasure knowing and working with her.