As a teenager I struggled with hormonal imbalances which caused me to gain weight. What bothered me more was that I spend more than half my life at the gym and wasn’t building muscle or losing fat. I tried every diet that ever existed (except juicing and teatoxing thankfully) and none of them worked. I even tracked my food and saw no difference. I was ready to give up and just eat “intuitively” when I started seeing results on my friends who had been working with Dr. Mariam. It was a short period of time, under unnatural circumstances (quarantine and COVID) and they looked and performed great.

I’ve been working with Dr. Mariam for about a month now I’ve never felt better. I feel well rested when I wake up, I’m fueled for the entire day, my weights at the gym have nearly doubled and my stamina is even better than it was when I was 16. My measurements and body composition have been consistently changing and even the adjustment was a piece of cake! I can eat brownies, chocolates and full burgers now and STILL achieve my goals, and it’s all thanks to the science Dr. Mariam teaches you.