I came to Dr. Mariam wanting to increase my overall performance in sport

For quite some time I had been focused solely on aesthetics. Right away Dr. Mariam saw I was under eating. She took me step by step through the tracking app and adjusted my daily caloric intake to better suit my daily activities, which consists of 2-3hours of CrossFit paired traditional strength training. Dr. Mariam is patient, accommodating and extremely accessible. She has experience working with top athletes, and she herself trains in a CrossFit gym.

Being that I am a strict vegetarian it was a top priority of mine to find a nutrition expert who is well versed and also fluent working with such specific dietary requirements. Trusting in Dr.Mariam this past year has been nothing short of phenomenal. Not only am I stronger than ever, my energy has increased , and my sleep quality has also dramatically improved.

Thank you Dr.Mariam for helping me reach my performance goals through nutrition.

- Brooke

I have always struggled with trying to lose fat while still enjoying what I eat

I was always, either, on a diet or feeling guilty about indulging in the food I love, or wanting to start a diet tomorrow! This is why I decided to sign up with Dr. Mariam. I wanted to learn more about how to eat based on my needs, workouts and goals and create a lifestyle out of it. While losing fat and gaining muscles. 

 Dr. Mariam has helped me fix my relationship with food. I now enjoy the food that I love while still maintaining the fat loss and muscle gain with the tips that she’s taught me. This is the longest I have been eating well because it was never a diet but a lifestyle that I can maintain for a long time.

- Ghayda Alsehli

I was out of ideas

I was out of ideas. That’s how I came to find Dr. M. I had been training for a specific event and had been plateaued at best, and losing gains at worst. I was exhausted and losing hope, believing that maybe I was just getting too old to be doing what I was doing. Turns out, listening to the advice of well meaning friends, internet articles and uninformed coaches was part of the problem.
Dr.M spent the time listening and understanding what my goals were and my historical nutritional and physiological challenges. She took my difficult schedule in stride and gave me very achievable solutions to circumvent the obstacles I was facing.

She was extremely accessible and could answer questions in real time as I was experiencing them throughout my training. Always gentle and reassuring, she reminded me regularly that my goals were achievable and that I was making progress, even when I was in the midst of mild self-inflicted meltdowns.
Measurable and marked improvement in my stamina, flexibility, and speed were the immediate effects I was looking for improvement in, but the side effects of better sleep, faster recovery, and reduced anxiety were entirely unexpected and remarkable results.

Dr. M sees the person as a whole, not just a physical body. Guiding towards a balance between the physical, emotional and mental is above and beyond what I ever expected from a nutrition coach. Before throwing in the towel or wasting money on yet another app, make an appointment with Dr. M. She is well worth the investment.. of your money, your time and yourself.

- Gin May

It is a pleasure knowing and working with her

I first was introduced to Dr Mariam in mid 2019 when she was back in KSA. Her dedication and knowledge as a coach and nutritionist warmed her to our growing triathlon community. 

Fast forward to COVID times with her in Canada, we continued to stay in touch and as I was training for upcoming endurance events, I decided to work closely under Dr Mariam’s mentorship and guidance on a consistent nutrition program to fuel my body through the grueling regimen of training. I was training for an Everesting Challenge (cycling the equivalent height of Mt Everest – on an indoor trainer) and also planning on a 10K open water swim. All to keep me in focused shape as I will be attempting another full Ironman once races resume. 

Her advice, and follow up along with the spot on comments about my calorie needs, fueling/meal times and percentage macros to consume were absolutely spot on. My training load was more consistent during the week with heavier training on weekends leading up to the event. Hence my nutrition needed to match that to give me the necessary fuel at the right time for more effective training. I started “knowing” my body more and more and ultimately knew how it would behave with increased training load and nutrition needs. 

My Everesting event was spectacular. Endurance events are physically and mentally taxing…however not having the consistent fuel via a properly planned nutrition plan is planning for failure. Dr Mariam on her mentorship explained and detailed all this with clear and efficient delivery. It is a pleasure knowing and working with her.

- Meshary Alayed

It’s all thanks to the science Dr. Mariam teaches you

As a teenager I struggled with hormonal imbalances which caused me to gain weight. What bothered me more was that I spend more than half my life at the gym and wasn’t building muscle or losing fat. I tried every diet that ever existed (except juicing and teatoxing thankfully) and none of them worked. I even tracked my food and saw no difference. I was ready to give up and just eat “intuitively” when I started seeing results on my friends who had been working with Dr. Mariam. It was a short period of time, under unnatural circumstances (quarantine and COVID) and they looked and performed great.

I’ve been working with Dr. Mariam for about a month now I’ve never felt better. I feel well rested when I wake up, I’m fueled for the entire day, my weights at the gym have nearly doubled and my stamina is even better than it was when I was 16. My measurements and body composition have been consistently changing and even the adjustment was a piece of cake! I can eat brownies, chocolates and full burgers now and STILL achieve my goals, and it’s all thanks to the science Dr. Mariam teaches you.


- Lamees

I was looking for better recovery, to be faster, stronger and more skillful.

I believe that health is one of the biggest responsibilities that we tend to take for granted most of the time and suddenly it’s too late… well it doesn’t have to be that way and it’s never too late to make that change. If you have tried something(s) and failed, I feel you and understand the frustration. I’ve been there over and over and over again… I’ve managed to totally ruin my relationship with food following random advice here and there that was not necessarily wrong or bad but definitely not suitable for me.. relearning the whole process and starting to know how things are properly done was an obstacle that I wouldn’t have been able to overcome without Dr.Mariam’s help, guidance and support, I appreciate her patience and understanding my needs.. From my own experience, I strongly recommend her program, it will fit you the way you are no matter what your situation is! She has the answers, you just need to listen, trust the process and be patient.  

- Anonymous

It will help you understand diet and exercises, while better managing your life.

Working with Dr. Mariam helped me understand macros and the breakdown of a diet. I also started to understand meal prep. Eating properly is a lifestyle change but it has improved my performance and my sleep. I even had fewer muscle injuries while exercising! 

- Anonymous

Dr. Mariam’s program changed my life

I joined the Dr. Mariam program in June 2020. I was 38 years old and looking to improve my fitness and health. I also suffered from an abdominal defect along with low back pain, recurrent lower neck pain and stiffness, central obesity, anxiety, poor eating habits and an irregular sleeping pattern. 

My primary goal was to lose my central fat when I joined the program. I started with a 4-month plan. I found it very easy to follow and convenient to my lifestyle. I loved that I didn’t need a special grocery list, I barely felt I was on a diet most of the time! My kids didn’t believe I was on a diet cause I was eating more than I used to! Soon after 2 months, I started to notice the change in my body in addition to the slow steady decline in my scale measurements. After the third month, I started to experience a lot of other benefits, such as an increase in my energy level and performance in my workouts. I started to lift heavier weights and score more reps and rounds every time. My abdominal defect was almost completely closed and since I started I didn’t binge on food even for one single day. Eventually, I reached my weight goal before the end of 4th month and lost most of my central fat. I could pull off old jeans and felt great about my body! 

Dr. Mariam continuously educated me throughout the process and taught me how to reach my goals rather than simply telling me what to eat, and this is what I like most about the program.

Dr. Mariam’s program changed my life and I modified my goals soon after I achieved my primary one cause this program made me believe that with the right plan I can be what I want to be. So far, joining this program was one of the top 5 decisions in my life and I wish for everyone to have a similar experience!

- Maram Mobara, MD

I was able to gain Muscle mass and drop fat, breaking the plateau I was in for a long time!

It’s been a beautiful journey working with Dr. Mariam, as it’s an eye opener on a lot of things. I’ve been learning about my body’s needs and nutrition. What’s important is finding the right mix that fits your lifestyle; one size doesn’t fit all! Ever since I started following a program designed especially for me and my training magic happened. First off,  I got rid of constant blood sugar fluctuation and dropping to dangerous levels. I’ve been suffering from it ever since I had my gastric bypass surgery.  Not to mention, my performance in Crossfit, weightlifting and endurance is outstanding. I’m now always fueled right and hitting new PRs. My abs are feeling strong vs before when I was always fatigued. It’s the best decision ever: looking forward to more gains and feeling strong. 

I was able to gain Muscle mass and drop fat, breaking the plateau I was in for a long time!

- Anonymous

Would definitely recommend

I joined because I needed extra guidance in making good eating choices. I would say the biggest result I’ve gotten is more fulfillment with my meals and food. I would definitely recommend this to people who aren’t making the best eating choices and want to know what’s exactly right for them.

- Anonymous

I learned a lot and now know what I was doing wrong

I started dieting at a really young age and they were crazy diets! At one point I remember eating 350 cal a day! Unfortunately, this diet was with a “nutritionist” who now I know had no idea what they were doing. With time I started searching for myself. It helped but it wasn’t enough. Dr. Mariam showed me the whole picture, introduced me to macros, and helped me make peace with fat & carbs. We always hear that dieting means deprivation but no it doesn’t have to be!
You should eat within your needs of fat carbs and protein no matter what it is.
Cheat meals can be planned and enjoyed with no guilt. I learned a lot and now know what I was doing wrong and I don’t feel pressured anymore.

- Anonymous

Food should not be our enemy

I would recommend others to join if they want to build a healthy relationship with food while seeing results. Food should not be our enemy, we have to use it wisely in the end.  Working with Dr. Mariam helped me by tracking my macros and calories while losing fat and maintaining performance/energy – which was exactly my goal!

- Nouf Al Yousef

It helped me with almost EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE!

I am a fitness trainer specializing in Zumba and Boxing. 

At first, I thought that I would never ever lose fat, my weight hasn’t changed for a very long time. I always get asked why I’m not losing weight since I do a lot of cardio exercises and I was on a very strict diet (1200cal per day!) But nothing was changing. 

And when I met Dr. Mariam, she said I can help you in losing weight and gain muscles by eating more calories. I was terrified at first cuz the food was a lot to me but surprisingly it worked exactly like she said losing fat and gaining muscles at the same time!

I can say it helped me with almost EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE! I was physically and mentally upset about food and body, I wasn’t kind to myself, I used to not eat chocolate or any sugar for a very long period of time just to lose weight. I can say I’ve changed 100% into a better person that loves her body, food, and eats chocolate.

- Mashael Aljubeir

She fixed me

I was suffering from an autoimmune disease for years and I didn’t know what or how to eat especially after my liver got sick. My goal wasn’t to lose weight as much as I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle that serves my condition and my daily routine, thanks to Dr. Mariam she fixed me with a plant-based diet and supplements and the results within one month were surprisingly GOOD!

- Shahla

I was fortunate to have found Dr. Mariam and have been grateful since then

I’m grateful for her unlimited giving of knowledge and care for us to improve and grow in this field not only as clients but as athletes and individuals, physically, mentally, and psychologically.

She helped heal my relationship with food. I now know what my body needs when and how to feed it. I now find balance throughout my day, as I am a person who loves to have a donut with coffee in the morning. I still eat my donut and have it fit within my macros as I need it. I know for the rest of my meals where the deficit of nutrients is and I then fill in what is missing. This way, I have my macronutrients and micronutrients with a specific needed caloric daily intake of protein, carbs, fats, and of course, minerals and vitamins.
As an athlete, my performance improved because I started to focus on the details which are also fundamental. My stamina, strength, and endurance were optimized and my fatigue and sense of tiredness decreased. I also recover faster and better especially when I have multiple training sessions within one day.

In this field of sports and for athletes, it is important to be aware of all the new evidence and research out there regarding different sports and the demands of nutrition for each athlete. Very few people have the knowledge and capacity in this wide field, and it’s rare that you find someone who has the passion and interest, Dr. Mariam is one of those people. From my own experience and work with her, I believe she is the best above all. God Bless.

- athlete Hind AlShammari

Throughout my fitness journey, I have faced the same issue over and over again. I’ve tried so many diets and food plans, which work for a while and then stop for some reason. The problem was overworking out and eating less than I need so my body didn’t change.

It happened again during the lockdown and quarantine in 2020. So, I‘ve decided to get a consultation from Dr. Mariam who recommended me to get into this program. A program that’s designed to fit into my daily routine and help me reach my goals. I started in July 2020 and noticed the results mid-August. My body shape has changed, my muscle mass has increased and I am sleeping better. Now I understand my body more, what works and doesn’t work for it, when do I need to take a step back and rest, and when I can push myself more. I am still halfway through the program, I’ve been recommending it to close friends who I am sure need such a plan. I am grateful to get the chance to work with Dr. Mariam, thank you so much!

- Tota AlNaim

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