Throughout my fitness journey, I have faced the same issue over and over again. I’ve tried so many diets and food plans, which work for a while and then stop for some reason. The problem was overworking out and eating less than I need so my body didn’t change.

It happened again during the lockdown and quarantine in 2020. So, I‘ve decided to get a consultation from Dr. Mariam who recommended me to get into this program. A program that’s designed to fit into my daily routine and help me reach my goals. I started in July 2020 and noticed the results mid-August. My body shape has changed, my muscle mass has increased and I am sleeping better. Now I understand my body more, what works and doesn’t work for it, when do I need to take a step back and rest, and when I can push myself more. I am still halfway through the program, I’ve been recommending it to close friends who I am sure need such a plan. I am grateful to get the chance to work with Dr. Mariam, thank you so much!